Effect of printing parameters on mechanical properties of 3D printed PLA/carbon fibre composites

  • 1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Faculty - Akdeniz University, Turkey


Three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies have been developed for prototype purposes. However, it has become possible to manufacture various functional parts with improving mechanical properties of 3D printing materials. Although polylactic acid (PLA) is the most widely used 3D printing material, the mechanical properties required for functional parts are not sufficient. For this reason, carbon fibre reinforced PLA composites are preferred as 3D printing material to advance the mechanical properties of the fabricated parts. However, for 3D printed parts, it is known that the layer thickness and printing orientation angles affect the mechanical properties. In this study, unreinforced PLA and 15% carbon fibre reinforced PLA composite tensile specimens were 3D printed using fused deposition modeling (FDM) technique. The effects of printing orientation angle and layer thickness on modulus of elasticity and tensile strength are investigated. 3D printed unreinforced PLA samples exhibited better tensile performance as compared to carbon fibre reinforced PLA composite samples.



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