• 1 Faculty of Information Technology– Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic


The paper deals with a variable multifunctional simulation tool that enables to design and assemble animated models of various technological processes controlled by externally connected fuzzy logic unit. It enables to verify the correctness of fuzzy controller settings in the future control of real technological processes in practice. This tool represents an effective, innovative, and creative concept important to understanding control approach of technological processes modeling as an insight to behavior of real industrial processes and their control which is based on fuzzy logic. On the base of this animated simulation, real technological processes control can be realized successfully according to producer demands afterwards. Models of technological processes assembled by this simulation tool can be then externally controlled by various control strategies (traditional PID controllers, ON-OFF controllers,PLC controllers, fuzzy logic controllers etc.) via a proper real controller connected to the computer. In the paper, two-conveyor-belt system for product packing is shown. The goal consists in control of synchronization of products and boxes placed on individual conveyor belts in order to pack the product into the box. The main concern here is to improve dynamic performance and control efficiency with the help of assembling an animated model of the controlled technological process and its external control by a fuzzy logic unit.


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