• 1 Sofia Technical University, Plovdiv Branch, Bulgaria
  • 2 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of metal science, equipment and technologies with hydro- and aerodynamic center, Sofia, Bulgaria


A study of a hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy AlSi18, modified by a conventional modifier – phosphorus (P) and a nanosized powder of a nanodiamond (ND) has been carried out. Refinement by 40.8% of the primary Si crystals and by 51% of the Si crystals in the composition of the eutectic has been obtained for the phosphorus-modified alloy in result of the modification. The refinement of the above values for the alloy modified by ND is 41.5% and 94% respectively. The phosphorus-modified alloy AlSi18 has an increased tensile strength (Rm) by 18.5%, relative elongation (А5) by 14.3% and hardness by 1.5%. The alloy, modiified by ND has an increased by 20.4% tensile strength (Rm), increased relative elongation (А5) by 7.15% and hardness decreases by 6.2%.



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