Analasys of opportunities for development of Bulgarian industrial manufacturing

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Management – Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria


This publication analyses opportunities for development of Bulgarian industrial manufacturing in conditions of dynamic selfchanging competitive environment during the period 2015 – 2018. A comparative analysis is done for different industrial sectors with purpose to determine the trends in their development and to identify the opportunities for improvement of their production activity. Actual statistical data are used and different methods for the existing information analysis. The specific of development in the leading sectors in Bulgarian economy are identified. In addition, a comparative analysis is implemented as well as a classification of different industrial sectors on the base of Index of industrial production is created. The results show that the realized production of Bulgarian industrial enterprises during the considered period increase. This is a reason to search favourable opportunities for their further sustainable development and competitive location on the internal and external markets. Some fundamental problems and barriers in the industrial enterprises are considered, that obstruct the fast temps of their developments and are presented some appropriate decisions. The current publication put the beginning of a more depth investigation of the effectiveness of the industrial enterprises, their capacity utilization, as well as the development and introduction of different types of innovation decisions that will be implemented during the next two years in the range of a doctoral thesis in the field of the same problematics and researching analogical problems in the more comprehensive aspect.



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