Opportunities to improve product quality with the support of industrial robots

  • 1 Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia


In the industry, the concept of “production quality” means a very important and inseparable role, which has a large share in the final quality of the product. Various factors affect product quality. Above all, state-of-the-art technologies are used in every industry, which helps to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in market conditions, which has a significant impact on the competitiveness of manufacturers to become market leaders. The manufacturers ‘efforts are made to produce a flawless product that will excessively meet customers’ requirements for the perfect product. An integral part of the production process is the quality control of products at certain stages of production. Measurement requirements are defined by satisfactory accuracy, variability, total cost and speed. An important factor in product inspection is currently the creation of a three-dimensional virtual model of a real product, where you can easily compare the created 3D model with the original CAD model and display dimensional deviations.



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