• 1 Faculty of Constructions and Installations, Iaşi,Romania


Studies have shown that noise pollution is a very harmful form of pollution for human health and also for labor efficiency. The noise pollution is mainly due to traffic that may be the form of road traffic, rail traffic or air traffic. As the noise pollution, caused by the circulation of vehicles on road clothing, has increased substantially due to the increase of the fleet of vehicles in Romania, I tried at the Road Research Station at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Iaşi to determine the noise produced by road traffic on different types o fbituminous clothing. The goal is to get bituminous clothing that emits as little noise as possible and satisfies the conditions of resistance in exploitation.
Measurements will be made with special sonometers in different situations, which will give a realistic look at the operating conditions at different vehicle speeds and under certain weather conditions (clear, rain, etc.). After analyzing the noise level of each required embroidery, I will try to develop a mineral skeleton that will represent the base of an asphalt mix. Moreover, the asphalt mix will be as silent as possible and the physico-mechanical and the dynamic characteristics will fit within the limits of the current standards.


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