Effect of acid gas content to the dehydration process efficency

  • 1 Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Natural gas in Republic of Croatia is being produced from three main regions: Sjeverni Jadran, Duboka Podravina and Međimurje. The natural gas produced from Međimurje region has been taken as an example for modelling the dehydration process because, compared to natural gas from Duboka Podravina region, it contains higher amount of acid gases. The associated gas with much smaller content of acid gases, currently being flared at region site called Istočna Hrvatska, has been taken as a second example. The comparison of these two cases has shown the effect of acid gases to the dehydration process efficiency. In both cases, absorption by triethylene glycol is chosen. Due to a large discrepancy in acid gas content, water content difference observation is much easier. Modelling of the dehydration process has been made in Aspen Hysys software.



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