Ways to reduce costs energy at the regional water company “Prishtina”

  • 1 College of Applied Technical Science "TEMPULLI" Prishtinë, Republic of Kosovo


Energy efficiency is a new domain in our country, so it is very much realistic and possible for us to succeed in implementing this field.The first EU-wide energy efficiency target was set in 1998. Member states agreed to improve energy efficiency by 1 percent a year over twelve years. Pristina Regional Water Company Utility is one of the largest companies in the state of Kosovo. Regional Water Company “PRISHTINA” cover 60% of the total population of Kosovo., with 8 municipalities included capital of Kosovo, Prishtina.This paper discusses energy issues facing public water utility sector, exactly for Regional Water Company “PRISHTINA”, steps that responsibility personnel can take to understand and reduce their energy use and costs, and funding resources for energy efficiency. Main focus in this paper is to perform possibilities for increasing energy efficiency of the Pumping Station in Milloshevë which supply with raw water Treatment Plant in Shkabaj, Kosovo.



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