Simulation-based Investigations of Different Combustion Concepts for Hydrogen-fuelled Large Gas Engines

  • 1 LEC GmbH (Large Engines Competence Center), Graz, Austria
  • 2 LEC GmbH (Large Engines Competence Center), Graz, Austria; Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria


The development of a combustion concept for hydrogen-fuelled high-speed large engines requires a suitable development methodology, including the interaction between 1D and 3D simulation as well as experimental investigations on research engines. The main subject of this paper is the development of one-dimensional single cylinder and multi cylinder engine models used for turbo matching and to gain a better understanding of combustion anomalies. The latter are especially affected by the mixture formation process which is investigated by means of 3D CFD simulations for port fuel injection and direct injection engine operation. Boundary conditions are generated based on experimental investigations on a single cylinder research engine with displacement of about 6 liters. The paper concludes with an assessment of the benefits and limitations of different engine configurations.



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