Research and restoration of rural areas of active and passive working bodies using Georgian raw material (gumboil)

  • 1 Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 2 Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture of Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia


The paper studies the process of restoration of worn-out parts of agricultural machinery under submerged arc welding, produces definable and determining similarity criteria characterizing the process and discloses their physical entity. The methodology is developed and the criterion equation is received for determining and optimizing the hardness of metal coatings obtained, which is a scientific basis for conducting targeted experiments. An outfit is made for surfacing ploughshares submerged, that allows changing the basic factors without stepwise method. Experimental studies are conducted, as a result of which an analytic form of criteria equation is produced and optimum modes of the recovery of details under gumboil arc welding are established mined in Georgia.



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