Industry 4.0: Emerging challenges for dependability analysis

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 5, pg(s) 206-209

    Industry 4.0 brings new challenges for the quantitative methods for the evaluation of system dependability properties such as reliability and safety. In this paper, we recall relevant Industry 4.0 and dependability concepts and provide an overview of available reliability and safety metrics and evaluation methods including event trees, fault trees, reliability block diagrams, and more sophisticated dynamic methods based on Markov chain models. The special focus is on the model-based application of these methods. The paper discusses several common MBSE paradigms, such as UML/SysML, AADL, and Simulink, that can be employed in the context of Industry 4.0 and allow automated generation of the dependability evaluation models. Finally, we discuss how the Industry 4.0 increases system complexity, justify what kind of dependability evaluation methods are required, and what limitations we still need to overcome.