Lean concept transformation of the packaging procedure in the process of final processing

    Innovations, Vol. 9 (2021), Issue 2, pg(s) 60-62

    In production where is a possibility that the surface protection process takes place at the same location as the production of semifinished products, but also at a remote location, internal transport, excessive processing, unnecessary stocks and movement of employees are often singled out as the main types of waste or losses in the packaging process. These wastes have economic and environmental consequences, so Lean transformation was imposed as a methodology for streamlining production flows in the packaging of finished products. The transformation involved a set of procedures that found activities that do not contribute to increased costs in the production process. This contributed to increasing the level of quality characteristics and reduced costs and time of realization of the production cycle. The results of this transformation in production flows are presented in diagrams and tables and serve to assess the economic efficiency and environmental compliance of the activities undertaken.