• Development of a formal model for the implementation of business network reengineering

    Innovations, Vol. 7 (2019), Issue 1, pg(s) 31-34

    The dynamics of the environment in which businesses operate underlines the need for new tools and approaches to management engineering. There has been recently a growing interest in finding comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of the entire business management. Besides, with a more pronounced customer-centred focus of the company, the competition now takes on a brand-new character considering the fact that the rivalry is not between individual companies, but between entire chains of manufacturers and suppliers. The research study focuses on the need for innovative engineering solutions in response to company’s management processes. A network approach has been proposed as an opportunity to implement the reengineering of external processes (Х-engineering). Moreover, such a proposition is strongly substantiated by the fact that modern companies are prone to expand their activities in the (cyber) space, working together in different types of business networks (Businessnetwork-BN).