An Approach of Development Digital Twin Based on CMM as Support Industry 4.0

  • 1 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering Department, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2 Military Technical Institute, Coordinate Metrology Lab, Belgrade, Serbia


The digital twin (DT) based on CMM as support Industry 4.0, are based on integration of digital product metrology information through metrological identification, application artificial intelligence techniques and generation of global/local inspection plan for coordinate measuring machine (CMM). DT based on CMM has an extremely expressed requirement for digitalization, control, and monitoring of the measurement processes inside Industry 4.0 concept. This paper presents an approach of development DT as one direction information flow based on four levels: (i) mathematical model of the measuring sensor path; (ii) tolerances and geometry of the parts by applying an ontological knowledge base; (iii) the application of AI techniques such as Ants Colony Optimization (ACO) and Genetic lgorithm (GA) to optimize the measurement path, part number of part setup and configuration of the measuring probes; (iv) simulation of measurement path. After simulation of the measurement path and visual checks of collisions, the path sequences are generated in the control data list for appropriate CMM. The experiment was successfully carried out on the example of prismatic part.



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