Web-based Business Process Management System

  • 1 Technical University of Varna, Varna, Bulgaria


The report presents a developed Web-based information system for managing business processes. The system includes system design and development, database design and development, and Web interface design. A special encryption algorithm was used to generate the key. The main purpose is to provide protection, both at the system’s entrance and during data transfer and storage. For the web platform, the main protections are 1) Control of access to the system by filling in a username and password, individual for each external user; 2) Ensuring protection of input data by irreversible hashing of the password with a randomly generated key from the system; 3) Using resource protection i.e. without authorization it is not possible to review and change the information in the database 4) Using of special unique
identifiers to access the database information; 5) Using a token to send requests to the API.



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