A model for reengineering the company’s business processes, based on the Zero approach concept

  • 1 Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria


Based on a comprehensive scientific overview of the concepts of reengineering and the studied good world practices and experience, a not very popular, but carrying great potential for a successful reengineering approach, known as the Zero approach, arouses interest. This comprehensive approach to cost optimization is so important for companies to be able to respond to industry changes and market shocks. The Zero approach can be adapted and used on a wider scale to help companies make structural changes that dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity. This publication presents a concept project for the experimental application of a modified version of the Zero approach, which can be embedded in a broader Zero-Based Redesign (ZBR) concept, and become a practical way for companies to radically reform and restructure their costs as fundamentally redesigning the way processes are carried out. This enables companies to design the ideal state of their key processes that will support the strategy, as well as how they can be executed in the most effective and efficient manner. ZBR helps companies streamline and accelerate processes using a combination of tactics: eliminating the unnecessary, looking for solutions beyond the industry, automating and digitizing activities and data, and reorganizing people and strengthening their abilities and qualifications.



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