Application of open ai and cognitive digital twins in Industry 5.0

  • 1 Faculty of Computer Aided Engineering – UACEG – Sofia, Bulgaria


Industry 5.0 is the production model based on the concept of how people and machines can work together. Modern industry is focusing on collaboration between people, robots, and intelligent machines with the help of AI. The design and implementation of solutions, based on Industry 5.0 brings a new level with the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence and especially the Generative AI, realized on top of the Open AI.
This paper focuses on implementing modern automation with the help of Open AI as a new concept to use AI as a SaaS, integrated with smart machines and robots, helping them to work in a human-like way. The research overviews the use cases and proposes a framework to build a smart solution based on Generative AI and cognitive robots, where integration between SaaS AI and smart machines is based on Cognitive Digital Twins. Research results also include prototypes of cognitive digital twins and its integration with intelligent machines.



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