Stakeholder analysis for development of knowledge management system in micro- and nanoelectronics

  • 1 JSC “MERI”, Russia
  • 2 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia


Knowledge management relates to the vast majority of business-processes at enterprises in knowledge-intensive sectors, such as nanoindustry. In particular, all stages of the new products’ creation, i.e., research, development, launch of the production line, manufacturing and operation, are associated with the new knowledge generation. However, one can find numerous inefficiencies in the existing business-processes due to a lack of communication and poor data handling. Although the financial consequences of ignoring these problems are significant for the enterprises, the absence of step-by-step solution plan and human resource overload make it necessary to look for different ways to solve the issues related to this topic. In order to successfully solve the detected problems and thus ensure support for the further development of the knowledge management system, five key directions were formulated based on the interviews with stakeholders.



  1. A. Sharapov, E. Gornev, Russ Tech J 10, 2 (2022)
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