Application of submodeling in strength analysis of horizontal tank for storage of petroleum products

  • 1 University of Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • 2 TD Komunalac d.o.o., Croatia


This paper shows the approach of submodeling in finite element analysis in process of designing the horizontal tank for storing petroleum products. Those kinds of tanks are made at exact standards or slightly altered by customers’ demands. Before the numerical analysis of the tank, the tank standards are described as well as numerical analysis. In the paper, the methods which will be used in obtaining solutions by finite element method were described. 3D finite elements have been used for numerical analysis. After getting the results of full tank model meshed with 3D tetrahedral final elements, the technique of submodeling has been used to achieve more accurate results in critical locations of the tank. In the final aspect, result analysis was conducted, where the results were confirmed so that the tank complies with the standard and meets all the criteria given to the designer.



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