Physicochemical and technological researches of marls from the area of the village Lovets related to the production of the new “Yellow paving stones”

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences , Institute of Metal Science, Equipment, and Technologies with Center for Hydro- and Aerodynamics


Due to force majeure circumstances, new researches of marls from the Alexandra deposit to the village of Lovets (Shumen region) were carried out to replace the marls from the village Svetlen (Targovishte region), which are part of a plastic mass for the production of large, fine-ceramic parts (yellow paving stones) from peturgical phases. Marls are characterized in terms of mineral and chemical composition. Their properties, characterizing them as a ceramic raw material, have been determined. Three test masses with a chemical composition similar to the one with the participation of marls from the village of Svetlen were developed. The test specimens are characterized in terms of sintering and strength characteristics. It has been established that the marls can be used to repla ce the marl from the village Svetlen in the composition of the plastic fine-ceramic masses for the production of yellow pavers.



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