• 1 Faculty of Mechanics, Politehnica University Timişoara, Romania


It has been proven as indubitable the assertion that the progress of human society is unthinkable without the research and development efforts. If for the personnel of design, execution and management, there are higher education structures that prepare engineers, economists, managers etc. to research work, the problem of ensuring with personnel do not seem to be solved. This paper aims to analyze how higher education, especially the technical one, meet the needs of highly specialized training and specific expertise for the comprehensive and noble specific research work. Without claiming an exhaustive treatment of the matter under discussion, the paper is rather a call to quickly find viable solutions. Therefore, considering on the one hand the basic skills required to a „researcher” in the light of researcher job contents, and on the other hand, the existence of dedicated study of the occupation, the content of study programs and especially the analytical programs for the subjects of specialty should be topics of future study.


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