Features of the hybrid vehicles work mode control strategy

  • 1 Department of Transport Equipment, Todor Kableshkov University of Transport, Sofia, Bulgaria


The transmissions of HEVs or so-called hybrid transmissions (HT) are essentially power split transmissions, which almost always require planetary gears to split or sum up power. An essential prerequisite for reading and studying hybrid transmissions is the knowledge of planetary gear function and calculation. For example, the Toyota hybrid system can only be clarified using the principles of the planetary mechanism. In addition to Toyota’s decision, there are two modes of transmission (BMW, Daimler and GM) and many patent applications with similar ideas.
Technically speaking, these solutions are power split transmissions that turn into a hybrid system by adding an electric motor (EM), an electric generator (EG) and an electric storage battery (SB). These transmissions perform the functions required for vehicles with an internal combustion engine, such as the HEV.
These functions are launching, torque and speed conversion, reverse gear, and rapid gear-shifts in ascending or descending order. In addition, the requirements for HT are realized with the help of electronic control. For parallel HEV, a conventional gearbox plus EM is used. The automatic transmissions used in the mixed HEVs are designed with planetary gearboxes and are also known as automatic HTs. This article discusses the features of planetary gearboxes used in HEVs transmissions.



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