Recycle rechargeable lithium – ion batteries

  • 1 University “Prof. d-r Asen Zlatarov”, Burgas,, Bulgaria


Milliards of dollars are set aside for preserving the life on planet Earth and help climate change. Unfortunately, the advances in technology are incapable to help us sort out this vital problem, because the more advanced the technology nowadays is, more irresponsible we become in taking care about consequences after the expiration date of it. It is not only the plastic pollution of ocean of our planet that stops the formation of oxygen but also the irresponsible disposal of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for smartphones, tablets, computers, electric smart devices and vehicles that are no longer in use, create ionizing radiation and form a radioactive background that affects living and non-living organisms inhabiting our planet. So, when the technology cannot help us, then perhaps the pure science would come to the rescue of preserving ourselves. There are laboratory researches about recycling lithium-ion batteries and here where we are – we are going to implement mathematics, algorithms, indexed arrays(vectors) for describing the benefit of manufacturing the recycling of lithium-ion batteries.



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