Machine reliability research of low mechanization in the mountain conditions of Adjara with the aim of its increasing

  • 1 Georgian Agrarian University
  • 2 Scientific Center of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agricultural of Georgia


The article explored the operational reliability of agricultural machinery of low mechanization operating in the mountain conditions of Ajara, carried out the classification of machine parts on the basis of their structural and technological homogeneity and specific working conditions, highlighted the least reliable components and parts, developed a theoretical basis for calculating the reliability in contrast to mobile machines , the corresponding structural and logical schemes were drawn up.
As a result of statistical studies, integral and differential distribution functions of reliability indicators have been obtained, their general characteristics have been determined and the values of single and complex reliability indicators have been determined, resource-saving technology has been developed to increase the reliability and resource of mini-technology. technology for the region of Adjara, as well as its parameters and rational about service-organization of the pilot plant.



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