Comparison of Energy Savings Measures in Plant Fruit Storage Facility

  • 1 Politecnic University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania


This research will analyse the utilization of photovoltaic plant in a fruit storage facility to produce electricity for running the refrigerators to keep cool the fruit preservation in the Storage Facility. The building has two sets of refrigerators with a power of 18.2 kW each. Firstly, the work analysis deals with the convenience of installing a Photovoltaic Plant to produce electricity for supplying the refrigerators. Secondly, implementing energy efficiency measures such as adding a new layer of insulation to the walls has been analysed. Result analysis shows that the return of investment by the installation of Photovoltaic plant is less convenient compared to that of a thermal insulation layer on the interior sites. In conclusion, it has been decided to implement only thermal insulation as energy efficiency measures to this facility where the saving is about 15% of electricity consumption per year. Given that the saving in one year is 3069kWh and the cost of electricity is 0.09 EUR/kWh, the savings in monetary value is 276 EUR /year.



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