Security & Future, Vol. 3 (2019), Issue 3, pg(s) 71-74

    Different agencies and organizations engaged in the struggle against the terrorism use different approaches and tools for adequate response to the “plague of the century”. Depending on the knowledge and skills of their employees they provide certain level of technical and operative readiness which guarantees them appropriate degree of security in relation to terrorist threats. But is it this sufficient, are their efforts sufficient to guarantee that their reactions are adequate to the dynamically changing security environment?
    This report attempts to answer this question through creation of a matrix of minimum and obligatory requirements for building a reliable counteraction system against potential terrorist threats, that should become the next step in the development of the theory and practice for application of Directive 2008/114/ЕО of the EC Council, is of significant importance for increase of the security and protection of critical infrastructure objects.

  • Means to ensure security of port infrastructures under water

    Security & Future, Vol. 2 (2018), Issue 2, pg(s) 87-90

    Numerous are the tools that configure security and protection systems for port infrastructures. At the same time, very few are the tools that have been developed in the Republic of Bulgaria and are being implemented in a number of countries around the world. This report presents tools / systems that provide security for the outer perimeter / outer boundary of the port security system and those that provide “internal” security to the internal perimeter of port infrastructures. These are the hydro-acoustic system developed by Hi-Tech IMS Ltd. for providing the so-called “Outer” security and underwater robot “ARMUS”, providing the so-called “Internal” security of the underwater security systems of port infrastructures. Both systems are exceptional developments in the company and could successfully secure underwater security at the seaside. Both systems are new to Bulgaria, and the underwater robot has no analogue in the world with its features.