• 1 Faculty of Electronic-Informational Systems – Brest State Technical University, Belarus; Qnitel Ltd., Russian Federation
  • 2 Qnitel Ltd., Russian Federation


The Industrial Predictive Analytics for Industry 4.0 is a system that predict and prevent machine failures and breakdown by analyzing time-series data (temperature, pressure, vibration etc.) received from sensors embedded in machines and equipment. The system can analyze machine parameters to identify patterns and predict breakdowns before they happen. The core of the proposed system is based on Artificial Neural Network approach (both Deep and Shallow Neural Networks). Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks allow analyses the huge amounts of data collected from the manufacturing process and predict what will go wrong, and when. The proposed system works in the paradigm of Industry 4.0 and provides the abilities in the area of predictive maintenance. The Industrial Predictive Analytics for Industry 4.0 also contains a decision-making system and support system that significantly increases the level of maintenance.



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