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    • An approach of Feature Techniques using Warped frequencies

      pg(s) 52-54

      In this paper we will use different feature extraction approach in order to compare the stability of the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) on different SNR noise, in different situations. By using the classic feature extraction like: Mel filter Bank, Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT). After we implement this methods for the different situations then we will warp the frequency of this methods directly on the spectrum in order to see if we get better results. The results will be compared with one another using the Word Error Rate algorithm (WER).


    • 3D parametric modeling of a sewage pumping station with separation of solids

      pg(s) 55-58

      The main goal of my work was to design a dry well wastewater pumping station. The products of the pumping station market, the related literature, and the standards were analysed. The collected information was summarized in the catalogue of the requirements. I created the parametric 3D model of the total pumping station. Some of the dimensions are linked from an MS Excel file, and others change like a function. Thus, we can get the pumping station model with the required parameters without changing the model directly. The system’s pressure loss was calculated, which is necessary to know the working point of the pumping station. The mass of the concrete we need against the uplift was specified. The dry well makes the sewage system more stable; it has a lower environmental effect and makes the maintenance safer.

    • Study of the thermal and sound insulation properties of ceramic plates with cavities designed for beehives

      pg(s) 59-61

      The article presents a study of the sound and thermal insulation properties of ceramic plates with cavities, designed for beehives. The plates are obtained by the “casting” method from a water-dispersed colloidal system based on a patent-protected quartz glass-ceramic. They are composed of amorphous SiO2, mullite and cristobalite. To measure the thermal conductivity, a thermal chamber is constructed with a heater installed in it. Given that the heat flow passing through the three-layer ceramic plate for beehives is constant, the temperature difference between the two opposite sides of the plate at steady state (at constant heat flow) is measured and the thermal conductivity is calculated. A two-chamber method is used to determine the sound insulation capacity of the ceramic plates for beehives. The sound pressure of the sound waves – the incident one and of the wave which has passed through the sample –is measured in the frequency range from 100 to 3150 Hz

    • Deformation – photon effect. at deformation of the substance intensifies emission of the photon gas – electromagnetic waves

      pg(s) 62-65

      This report presents the photonic effect in the deformation of matter by amplifying the emission of hydrogen gas by electromagnetic waves. Presents real experimental facts which upheld the principle (law) that the substance of deformation (pressure and tension) intenifitsirat appointing photon gas (electromagnetic waves. End the final justification of substances in treatment (stress, strain and friction) substances form of electromagnetic matter and emphasis.


    • Improving the efficiency of technical service enterprises at the expense of specialization, power and their location

      pg(s) 66-69

      Were selected queuing systems with different load, queue length and type of mutual assistance for the calculation of technical and economic indicators of technical service enterprises. The models of functioning A, B, C are given, which mainly reflect the properties of the internal environment of technical service enterprises. For the form of labor organization (model B), partial mutual assistance between the performers is provided, a mathematical model with a limited queue length is adopted. Optimization of the capacity of technical service enterprises is expressed in determining the number of service posts. The dependence of the level of competitiveness of technical service enterprises of the average and maximum possible queue length, the expected cars is obtained. When observing the structure of technical service in Dnipro, changes in the number of technical service enterprises were obtained by type of work performed, depending on the years of work. It has been substantiated that the criterion for choosing the type of specialization, location and capacity of service enterprises is the payback period of capital investments. It was optimized selection of a service company for forecasted demand, accommodation and specialization in a competitive environment.

    • An investigation on wind energy potential – a future option for Albania?

      pg(s) 70-74

      The aim of this work is to investigate the potential of wind energy for the future power supply in Albania. The level of information available about wind zones in Albania requires highly reliable data supplied by our institutions. However, no significant investments have been recorded in the sector in the recent years. A number of studies published a wind map with wind speeds over 5 m/s and its annual number of hours. Based on this data and a boundary layer model with the roughness of the landscape as an input, maps of wind speeds at 50 m and 100 m (typical elevation heights of modern wind hubs) are developed. In order to estimate the potential yield of the most promising Albanian locations, the density of the annual energy output assuming different wind turbine characteristics and wind speed distribution have been carried out. In this paper a basic cost analysis based on simple payback method is performed. Cost of electricity generation from wind power and payback period have been  etermined.


    • Mathematical modeling of the efficiency of a defibrilling biphase rectangular signal of different duration

      pg(s) 75-77

      According to numerous studies, 76% of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) are conditionally preventable, because occur due to ventricular fibrillation (VF) [1-3]. Immediate electrical impulse therapy (EIT) by external defibrillation is the main treatment for this type of arrhythmia [3-5]. Earlier, a comparative study of modern forms of impulses made it possible to reveal the concept of the development of this field of science [6]. The analysis of the literature and the results of recent developments made it possible to determine the main parameters of the pulse for the individual selection of the characteristics of the transthoracic defibrillation signal. Representation of the average current (I) and charge (Q) in the form of a certain function I (t) is the optimal way to dose the defibrillation pulse [7].

    • Logistic equation for the study of COVID – 19 in Albania

      pg(s) 78-82

      The rapid spread of COVID-19 disease worldwide has caused a frightening crisis in the health care system in many states. To prevent it, many states have taken various measures, including total blockades. In this paper we have used the logistic growth model to show the increase in the population of the number infected with the Covid-19 virus in Albania. The generalized logistic equation is used to interpret the COVID-19 epidemic data in Albania. The growth rate was calculated using two random data and the expected number of infected people. The predictions of the logistic model are as correct as the data are accurate, and that correct that they can imitate the dynamics of the epidemic. The model clearly shows that there is a correlation between real and projected data. When daily predictions of epidemic size begin to converge, we can say that the epidemic is under control. If we deviate from the forecast curve it may indicate that the  epidemic may get out of control. With a fully valid model, this type of information can be used as an example by policy makers to assess how to take appropriate action.