Electrodeposition of copper on cold rolled copper substrate

  • 1 Technical faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade, Serbia


The microscopic and macroscopic views of copper electrodeposits obtained on plastically deformed copper substrates of different deformation degrees have been investigated. Experiments have been performed under galvanostatic conditions. There appear, depending upon the degree of reduction realized during substrate rolling, three types of deposit: epitaxial, homogenous and texture. Epitaxial growth is observed on unreformed substrate and on the substrates with lesser deformation degree (up to 60 %). With the increase of the substrate reduction degree, heterogeneous type of the deposit appeared and the phenomenon of twinning was stated. On very much deformed substrates, as well as in presence of organic additives, field oriented texture type of the deposit is obtained. On very deformed substrates macroscopic uneven deposits appeared, with the linear structure which follows the direction of substrate rolling. Possible explanations of this phenomenon are given.



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