• 1 Transport Techniques and Technologies Department, Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria


The automatical variability option of changing the angular velocity is a perspective tendency for coordination of the characteristics of the engine with the working machine. That gives the ability to enhance the productivity of the machine, to simplify their controls and to increase their efficiency factor. All of that led to the creation of many methods and ways of lightly regulation of angular velocity and to a wide variety of constructions and many more. The main disadvantage of the mentioned mechanisms, and other similar mechanisms also, having the continuously variable gear ratio option is that the pump as an element of all of them appears to be only a consumer of power in all duty. The consumed power by the pump turns into heat and heats the oil which makes it necessary for it to be in greater amounts. This lowers the efficiency factor and field of application of mentioned mechanisms and more. For removing this disadvantage a solution is proposed with the realization of a hydromechanical gear with hydrovolume regulating contour.


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