Formation of innovative policy taken into account of the economic mechanism of innovative activities of industrial enterprises

  • 1 Academy of Financial Management, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 University Аlmaty, Аlmaty, Kazakhstan
  • 3 Zaporizhzhia National University, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine


It is established that the activity of industrial enterprises in conditions of instability of the economic situation in the country, political situation, deterioration of the welfare of the population, imperfection of the current legislation, increase of tax pressure, that is external factors of activity, is aimed at strengthening of competitive positions by penetration a new market segment, production of innovative products, reduction of costs, rational use of resources, under the condition of implementation of technological advances.
It is determined that the level of innovation activity of enterprises is characterized by a gradual deterioration, since scientific and technological achievements are rather slowly used, manufactured products, based on the use of innovative developments, are not in demand on the foreign market, because it is uncompetitive along with the products of leading enterprises. It is substantiated that there are no favorable conditions for rising the innovation activity of industrial enterprises, since most of them are in crisis or unprofitable, not provided with sources of financing for attracting innovative technologies, sharing experience with international organizations. It is proved that the solution of these problems is the implementation of the innovation policy of industrial enterprises, which is possible under the conditions of formation and use
of economic mechanism of innovation activity (EMIA). Elements of organizational and economic mechanism of innovative activity and innovative development of industrial enterprises are proposed under condition of formation of innovation policy.



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