Innovative design for repair of corrected industrial reinforced concrete structures of light soda silos – Solvay Sodi AD, Devnya

  • 1 Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria


The report discusses the main parameters of a developed design and technological project for the implementation of specific repair and restoration works of built in the mid-1970’s corroded concrete reinforced structures of LIGHT-SODA SILOS – SOLVAY SODI JSC. The purpose of the design is to comply with the requirements for reasonable sufficiency of the additional new steel-reinforced concrete coating (jacked) to realize a lightweight variant of the protective layer against corrosive production factors, atmospheric influences and other specific chemical impacts. The project envisages a technological variant for the implementation of an additional healing thin repair reinforced concrete layer (overlay), based on the specific characteristics of high-tech hybrid fiber-reinforced “wet” sprayed concrete with the participation of specially selected high-range water-reducing and internal-crystallization chemical admixtures. The report provides information on the basic physical-mechanical and technological characteristics of the “wet”-sprayed concrete, as well as the main stages of structural design with specific structural details. According to the static scheme of the facility, it is proposed to specify the allowable loadstate of the structure during the repair works.



  1. Naidenov V. An innovative approach for repairing of corroded reinforced concrete industrial structures in aggressive environment by high-tech hybrid reinforced sprayed concrete with capillary crystalline admixture, MACHINES, TECHNOLOGIES, MATERAILS (MTM), Year XIII, ISSUE 6/2019, ISSN PRINT 1313-0226, (259-262).
  2. V. Naidenov, M. Mironova, Innovative hybrid fiber-reinforced shotcrete for thin repairing concrete overlays, VI-th International Congress INNOVATIONS’2020, 22-25.06.2020, Varna, 2020, (to be published)

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