Influence of the pressing force on the strength properties of sintered materials based on water-dispersed iron powders alloyed with copper

  • 1 Technical University Gabrovo, Bulgaria


In this publication we study the influence of the pressing force on the strength characteristics of sintered materials based on water – dispersed iron powders alloyed with copper. Three brands of iron powders were studied – AHC 100.29, ASC 100.29 and ABC 100.30, to which 2 and 4% electrolytic copper were added. After pressing with a force of 300 ÷ 800 MPa, they were sintered at a temperature of 1150 ° C for 1 h. Experiments were performed to determine three strength characteristics – tensile strength, yield strength, elongation. In determining the mechanical characteristics in order to prevent the influence of porosity, five measurements were made for each type of samples, and in the graphical interpretation of the results the arithmetic mean values were used.



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