Influence of external mechanical loads on change of electrophysical characteristics of film sensor elements

  • 1 Cherkasy State Technological University, Cherkasy, Ukraine


The materials of the article consider the influence of external mechanical loads of static and dynamic action (pressure force, mechanical impulse, vibration) on the change of electrophysical characteristics (electrical conductivity, specific capacitance) of film sensor elements. It is shown that an increase in the mechanical load on such an element with a simultaneous decrease in the interact ion time with a constant contact area leads to an exponential increase in the power and sensitivity of the reaction pulse, provided that such mechanical load does not exceed the mechanical strength of the sensor element. At the same time, the increase in the mechanical load on the sensor element at constant time and contact area, almost does not change the sensitivity of the reaction pulse (the maximum increase in sensitivity does not exceed 1.8%). In this case, vibrational oscillations in the frequency range 30… 85 Hz at mechanical forces of the order of 20 … 150 mN create response pulses of the order of 12… 45 mV/μs, which are perceived as “false positives” of the sensor elements. A further increase in frequency and mechanical effort leads to the destruction of the base of the sensor element and the detachment of the sensor f ilm from the base. Reducing the frequency and mechanical forces create reaction pulses up to 12 mV/μs, which does not exceed the allowable values of “white noise” (about 25… 35% of the minimum value of the reaction pulse).



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