Estimation of the elasticity module of Al-Si alloy samples in cast and deformed states by the frequency spectrum of sound vibrations

  • 1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NAS of Ukrane, Kyiv


Using fast Fourier transform the frequency spectra of sound vibrations of sound obtained by impacting a suspended material sample were obtained and analyzed. For this, the corresponding short sound files were recorded, which were then subjected to computer analysis. It was found that the frequency spectra of sound vibrations for cast silumin and for those after deformation-heat treatment have a different character. So in these spectra obtained for samples that have passed the deformation-heat treatment, a set of narrow, clearly peaks at certain frequencies have been observed. In the spectra obtained for cast samples, such clear, narrow peaks are not observed. The position of the characteristic peaks in the frequency spectra of sound vibrations was used to estimate the elastic modulus for samples that have passed various regimes of deformation-heat treatment.



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