Experimental coatings for photovoltaic panels obtained by the sol-gel method based on compositions with the participation of Y2O3 and ZrO2

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydro- and Aerodynamics Centre “Acad. Angel Balevski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems “Academician Evgeni Budevski at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 3 Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria


A summary study of the development of solar energy and the main factors determining the productivity of photovoltaic systems has been carried out. The predominant surface contaminants of solar panels, reducing the efficiency of photovoltaic installations, and the existing different design types of cleaning systems for their effective removal are examined. The main trends in the development of singlelayer and multi-layer hydrophobic and other oxide coatings with diverse performance indicators suitable for solar panels are traced. In laboratory conditions, experimental self-cleaning coatings (based on compositions with the participation of Y2O3 and ZrO2) deposited by the sol-gel method on vitreous samples were obtained. The structure and morphology of the prepared thin films and the technological conditions for the deposition of nanoscale layers with different functional characteristics were investigated. The experimental results represent a prerequisite for the development of a series of additional compositions and a detailed technological regime for obtaining various modifications of resistant, long-lasting self-cleaning coatings, potentially applicable to photovoltaic panels.



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