Anaklia deep-water port as a major factor of increasing the transit capacity of Georgia

  • 1 AkakiTsereteli state University - Kutaisi, Georgia


Anaklia Port is Georgia’s first deep-water port. Anaklia is located on an important section of the Old Trade Road and represents a new
Silk Road’s key transport point linking China to Europe. Anaklia Deepwater Port will be built in several stages, and the process consists of 9 phases. The port is being built on the area of 400 hectares, and its construction and development cost is $ 2.5 billion. The port’s capacity is 100 million tons per year.
In the phase I, the capacity of the Anaklia deep-water port will reach 9.3 million tons. The first phase of the construction is planned to be completed by 2020, after which the port will have a capacity to handle ships of the panamax and post-panamx types. Anaklia Port will be able to become a leader in comparison with its competitors existing in the region, with the best road, rail and communications infrastructure and innovative equipment.



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