Change management as a marketing opportunity

  • 1 University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Change is the only constant dominating business world today. How well managers cope with change has become a key skill which organizations look for. This applies in particular to marketing, where the rate of change is much faster than ever before. The purpose of this article is to reveal how change management can facilitate new marketing opportunities. The research methodology is based on an in-depth review and analysis of various qualitative and quantitative studies, of specialized literature in the field of change management and marketing. A model for change management in the marketing function is proposed, which helps a company to grow more innovative and with more marketing capabilities. This model improves marketing function through 5 steps: implementation of mission, vision and corporate values; implementation of information management systems; implementation of business culture of communication and brand identity; restructuring and optimization of processes and teams; continuous implementation of innovations and conducting trainings. It is argued that change management in the marketing department of a company under the influence of metamorphoses of external or internal factors can be seen as an opportunity for those managers who are agile, smart and visionary. The results summarized in this work may help marketing managers plan, implement and assess change processes, contributing to better company performance.



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