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    • The Picard’s iteration method for determining the critical buckling load of Euler elastic columns

      pg(s) 3-4

      The Picard’s successive iteration method is applied to determine the Euler critical force for a slender column. The initial approximation of the buckling mode of the column is a polynomial function that satisfies the boundary conditions. A numerical example is solved and the obtained result is compared with that obtained by the Euler formula. An assessment of the accuracy of the solution is made at each iteration step. In the paper is shown that the Picard’s iteration method could also be used for obtaining the closed form exact solution of the buckling load. The investigated column is hinged at its upper end and supported by a Q- apparatus at the other. It is loaded with a compressive force at the upper end.


    • Change management as a marketing opportunity

      pg(s) 5-7

      Change is the only constant dominating business world today. How well managers cope with change has become a key skill which organizations look for. This applies in particular to marketing, where the rate of change is much faster than ever before. The purpose of this article is to reveal how change management can facilitate new marketing opportunities. The research methodology is based on an in-depth review and analysis of various qualitative and quantitative studies, of specialized literature in the field of change management and marketing. A model for change management in the marketing function is proposed, which helps a company to grow more innovative and with more marketing capabilities. This model improves marketing function through 5 steps: implementation of mission, vision and corporate values; implementation of information management systems; implementation of business culture of communication and brand identity; restructuring and optimization of processes and teams; continuous implementation of innovations and conducting trainings. It is argued that change management in the marketing department of a company under the influence of metamorphoses of external or internal factors can be seen as an opportunity for those managers who are agile, smart and visionary. The results summarized in this work may help marketing managers plan, implement and assess change processes, contributing to better company performance.

    • Trends in the development tourism transport infrastructure in georgia and the wider the region

      pg(s) 8-10

      Tourism is one of the engines for the regional economic development. The management of the development of the tourism potential of the region should be provided primarily through the development of tourism infrastructure. It is especially important to study the existing tourism transport infrastructure and introduce new innovative technologies in its management. We have studied several tourist facilities in the western region, among other issues, studied the tourism infrastructure and set the ways to increase the tourism potential in the region, which will contribute to the development of tourism in Georgia and the wider region and attract the visitors to the region.


    • The cross-boundary impact of the landfill fires in Poland on air quality

      pg(s) 11-14

      In Poland, in 2018 there were 22044 fires of landfill and waste storage yards. Out of these, 79 covered area bigger than 300 m2. For comparison in the years 2010-2017 the number of such fires was not exciding 36 (only in 2015 this number was 47). During these fires, many pollutants are emitted into the atmospheric air. These pollutants are subject to meteorological conditions, especially to dispersion. There are few models which can be used for the calculation of dispersion of these substances in the atmosphere. Depending on the location of the fire, its size and duration, burned material, the concentrations of the pollutants have different spatial distribution. In the case of particulate matter (PM), which has a negative health impact regardless of the concentration, identification of any additional concentration of PM in ambient air is important. In the work, the dispersion of green-house gases and the other selected air pollutants from two fires from 2018, which has the biggest impact on air quality in the international scale, is presented

    • Research during remote learning

      pg(s) 15-17

      The article depicts the case of making a research paper of students, aged 15-16. In the research paper made during the remote learning period, the students were investigating natural acid-base indicators. They used various plant materials (vegetables, fruits, flowers) that they found in their kitchen at home and prepared dye extracts, which they used as indicators. The colouring of individual indicator was then verified in acidic and basic solution, also made at home. They found out that various plant extracts can be used as natu ral acid-base indicators, e.g. an extract from the pomegranate fruit, blueberries, raspberries, rosehips, plums and poinsettia flowers

    • The linguistic values of the French Christmas chant Petit Papa Noël

      pg(s) 20-23

      The character of Petit Papa Noël represents linguistic values which are shared by a community of speakers allowing the popularity of this character within the community. In order to provide an explanation for this sharing of linguistic values, we discuss the chorus in Petit Papa Noël lyrics. This approach allows observing the linguistic values in their socio-cultural and collective dimension. In order to achieve this aim, Saussure’s values and Jung’s archetypes are related to the notional and the empirical. However, what is defined here is a semantic approach which belongs to the science of language and because the archetypal entities are discussed in terms of Saussurean values, these archetypal entities are therefore treated as linguistic ones.

    • Educational counseling in Romania and Turkey – comparative aspects

      pg(s) 24-26

      Educational counseling, an integral part of the educator-educated pedagogical correlation, is constituted as a means of selfknowledge and development of the student’s personality. It is a special experience of communication and search, a way to optimize interpersonal relationships, to learn positive behavioral and attitudinal models, a way to support students who face educational, emotional, social difficulties. It is an important factor in preventing difficulties that can hinder the mental development of the student – difficulties in communication, behavior, school adaptation, physical, emotional and mental health etc. The present study proposes a analysis on the specific aspects of educational counseling in Romania and Turkey. The study presents the following analysis criteria: institutions that coordinate the activity of educational counseling; objectives of educational counseling; services provided; topics covered; methods of work.

    • Study of the psychophysiological state of adolescents using the method of gas-discharge visualization

      pg(s) 27-33

      The article presents the results of development and research of methods and adjustment of modes of operation of the device for gas-discharge visualization for the most accurate and prompt determination of the psychophysiological state of human health in th e field of his professional activity. Determining the ability of a teenager to cope with certain intellectual tasks, both at the beginning of the educational task and at the end of the working day, is necessary for the rational use of human labor and to ensure the quality and efficiency of the educational institution as a whole. Factors influencing the quality of the process of obtaining and accuracy of processing in formation about the psychophysiological state of man with a device for gas-discharge visualization,among which the greatest influence are external factors such as human (correct preparation and conduct of the experiment), climatic (humidity, ambient temperature) , guidance of ele ctromagnetic fields from power-operated devices nearby), elimination, or at least minimization of which allows to increase accuracy (by 8-12%), reliability (by 3-5%) and reproducibility (more than 1.8 times) of results diagnosing a device for gas discharge visualization. The daily dependences of the psychophysiological state of the adolescent on mental load were obtained, which showed the following: the best indicators of the psychophysiological state observed in the morning (period from 10-00 to 12-00) in the absence of other physical and intellectual morning load. At the same time it is established that active rest for 40-60 minutes or change of mental exercises by physical (within 60-90 minutes) after mental loading, restores the previous psychophysiological condition of the teenager by 85-90% whereas passive rest within 120-150 minutes, allows you to restore the previous psychophysiological state of the adolescent by only 35-45%.

    • Christian monuments as a resource in cultural heritage and tourism education. Results from a research project

      pg(s) 34-36

      The paper aims to present the results of field research conducted in different regions and municipalities in Bulgaria and related to the formation of local policies supporting the preservation and promotion of Orthodox Christian monuments. The main emphasis in the exposition is placed on examples of good practices for socialization of the Christian heritage with the active participation of the loca l population, as well as good practices from cross-border projects. The methods and approaches for integration of the results achieved by the field research in the education in cultural heritage and tourism have been presented. The relevance of the topic is determined by the insufficient knowledge of the local traditions and good practices for preservation, construction and promotion of the Christian monuments in Bulgaria, as part of the national cultural heritage. Methodology: A descriptive qualitative method was used in this research. We have also used combined methods for analysis and synthesis. The paper is part of the activities of the research project “Creating a model for Saveguarding, Socialization and Promotion of Christian Monuments in Bulgaria”- ДН 15/4 of 11.12.2017, with the financial support of the Bulgarian Science Fund with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.

    • Second language learning and technology: research on second language vocabulary learning

      pg(s) 37-39

      Language learning and technology has now become an interesting field of inquiry for many research scholars and professionals in the field of second language acquisition. Advances in information technology have affected second language teaching and learn ing as well. A plethora of research on the development of second language skills has surged especially in the last two decades. A number of studies employing various research designs and methodological approaches have provided some evidence on the effectiveness of technology on second language learning and teaching. However, much of research has shown mixed findings and inconclusive results. Hence, research community is encouraging further studies on the pursuit of finding out for whom and under what condition s is technology rather effective in language learning and teaching. This paper presents a brief review of previous studies and some preliminary research on the effects of technology, i.e. multimedia annotations/glossing on second language vocabulary learning. This paper draws on Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning (2009) and examines the impact of multimedia annotations on second language vocabulary learning. Prelimin ary research shows that certain multimedia annotation modes yield positive evidence on enhancing second language reading comprehension and vocabulary learning.