Technological education – an essential dimension of education in Romania

  • 1 Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Constanta, Romania


One of the skills considered “key” in the world we live in is to know, understand, evaluate and use technology. Like it or not, technology marks both the state and evolution of human society and everyday life and students’ interest in the challenges and its products is explosive and can no longer be ignored by the school. The present study aims to approach in an essentialized way the specifics of technological education in the Romanian school, in the context of an increasingly advanced technology society. The introduction in 1992 of the new discipline “Technological education” in secondary education was one of the solutions adopted by Romania in this regard. Also called “applied intellectual education”, technological education promotes the values of APPLIED SCIENCE in all areas of social life. The general pedagogical objective: the development of the theoretical and practical professional / technological awareness, of the capaci ty to apply the scientific knowledge in different social contexts of economic, political and cultural nature.



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