Web application with Python and security of the information system

  • 1 University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia, Bulgaria


The aim of the research is to develop a database management system for collecting, processing, storing and using information for the teaching of PhD students at a university using the high-level Python language.
Studied and researched in the process of development are the main characteristics of the most widely used database management systems. The practical aspects of the design, creation and use of databases were analysed. Has been formulated the requirements to the functional capabilities of the developed database. For the development of the web-application was used Python programming language. The database model, the user interface and a set of reports were developed. A physical data model, oriented towards the design and the development of a database management system using the Python programming language was proposed. The main risks and threats to the security of information in the web-application are characterized. Guidelines for infrastructure protection are proposed.



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