Digital transformation of management in the global pandemic situation

  • 1 New Bulgarian University Sofia, Bulgaria


The global pandemic has changed the responsibilities of managers and the functioning of organizations. Those who had embarked on the path of digital transformation found themselves in a favourable position and quickly adapted to the imposed changes. Their managers had accumulated experience and training for effective management of turbulent organizational change. The adaptation of managers helped to transform the work process and control the implementation of tasks. The report discusses issues related to the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the global pandemic situation on management. Key factors determining the direction of management transformation towards leadership in the conditions of digitalization and “work from home” are described. The essential chara cteristics of the digital literacy of the leader are commented. The impact of artificial intelligence on strategic management and approaches to human capital management is assessed. Observed management problems are studied and guidelines are given to deal with management cha llenges in the context of a global pandemic.



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