Effect of TiB2 additives on sintering temperature, structure and properties of the composite material of the Fe- FeCr800 system

  • 1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine


The effect of TiB2 additives on the sintering temperature, structure, and mechanical properties of materials based on the Fe-FeCr800 system is investigated. It was shown that the introduction of titanium diboride additives leads to the activation of compaction and to a 50–70ºС decrease in the sintering temperature of the pressed composites based on iron. It has been studied that the addition of titanium diboride in the range of 0.38-0.74 (% wt.) provides, with a slight increase in hardness, an increase of 20-25% of the flexural strength of the composite 65Fe-35 FeCr800800 (% wt.), and also provides the formation of a multiphase, microheterogeneous structure of the matrix-filled composite type, which consists of chromium steel of the X6Cr17 type, double iron-chromium carbides M7C3, M3C and complex carboborides of the Me3(CB) type.



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