Application of sprayed bronze powders of the BrSn10Ph1 and BrSn5Zn5Pb5 grades for applying protective coatings by gas-flame spraying

  • 1 State research and production powder metallurgy association – Minsk, Republic of Belarus; State Scientific Institution “O.V. Roman Powder Metallurgy Institute” – Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 2 Belarusian state agriculture technical university – Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 3 Self-Supporting Enterprise “Institute of Weld ing and Protective Coating” – Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 4 State Scientific Institution “O.V. Roman Powder Metallurgy Institute” – Minsk, Republic of Belarus
  • 5 Ufa State Aviation Technical University – Ufa, Russia


Information on a small-size installation for production of atomized powders of copper-based alloys is presented. The process of obtaining pulverized powders of BrSn10Ph1 and BrSn5Zn5Pb5 grades by induction melting and melt gas atomization, intended for hardening of new and restoration of worn surfaces by gas-flame coating, as well as protection against corrosion of parts is studied. The quality of the coatings obtained using the manufactured powders has been confirmed



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