Synthesis and design of hyperboloid gear drives: Methodology and aspects

  • 1 Graduate School of Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering Science, Akita University, Japan
  • 2 Department Mechatronics, Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria,


The high current requirements for the characteristics determining the accuracy, reliability and efficient manufacturing of modern machines, apparatus and devices applicable in various fields of industry and transport in a big extend dictate the applied scientific methodology to the technological synthesis, design and production of gears. In the processes of synthesis and design of the different types of gear transmissions, the designer faces an extremely complex set of questions to solve, which together define the desired optimal construction.
In this case, an optimal design means a gear transmission that is capable of delivering preliminary defined kinematic and / or strength requirements at minimum design, production and operation costs (including the repair costs during their exploitation). This work presents a review of the methodology, developed by the authors, oriented towards the synthesis and design of spatial gear mechanisms (hyperboloid gear drives), realizing rotations transformation between crossed shafts. The main principles, on which the construction of adequate software programs are based for the synthesis of treated transmissions, are presented.



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