“Equal-channel angular pressing-drawing” technology

  • 1 Karaganda State Industrial University, Temirtau, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Rudny industrial institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan


This article describes the technology of the combined process “equal-channel angular pressing-drawing”. The analysis of the influence of this process on the structure and mechanical properties of aluminum, copper and steel wires is given. The results of the study showed that the proposed combined deformation method “equal-channel angular pressing-drawing” has a significant advantage over the existing technology for the production of high-strength wire. This deformation method due to the combination of two deformations: severe plastic deformation in a matrix with parallel channels and the process of deformation through a drawing die, allows to get a wire with an ultra-fine structure and a high level of mechanical properties, the required size and shape of the cross section in a small number of deformation cycles.



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