Energy and exergy losses analysis of back-pressure steam turbine from CHP plant

  • 1 Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • 2 Department of maritime sciences, University of Zadar, Croatia


In this paper is analyzed back-pressure steam turbine which operates in CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant from the aspect of energy and exergy losses. Produced turbine power, used for electricity generator drive equals 62548.77 kW, while the turbine mechanical loss is 1934.50 kW. Exergy analysis of the turbine shows that cumulative exergy loss is composed of two losses – mechanical loss and steam exergy loss. Steam exergy loss is additional loss which takes into account the state of the ambient in which turbine operates (unlike energy analysis which is independent of the ambient state). Change in the ambient temperature resulted with a change in turbine exergy efficiency and exergy loss. Ambient temperature change for 10 °C resulted with change in turbine exergy efficiency for less than 0.5 % on average, while the change in the turbine exergy loss (for the same temperature change) equals 266.21 kW on average.



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