Development of mechanism and machine mechanics in Belarus and interaction with Bulgarian scientific and engineering centers and associations Part 1. Gear drives and power transmissions

  • 1 Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NASB – Minsk, Belarus, National Academy of Science of Belarus
  • 2 V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of NASB – Gomel, Belarus, National Academy of Science of Belarus


Main directions and trends of mechanism and machine mechanics developing in Belarus are considered. Results of investigations fulfilled in the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering and V.A. Bely Metal Polymer Research Institute of NASB, Belarusian National Technical and Belarusian-Russian Universities, as well as in Belarusian State Transport University and other Belarusian research centers are presented. Generally, these investigations are forwarded for modernization of drives of various machines and mechanisms, including mobile machines, instrument mechanisms and estimation of their operation characteristics in the frame of “Industry 4.0” conception. The paper is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on gears and powertrains. Parts of the paper contain sources of information and main publications of Belarusian scientists. Thus, the paper as a whole bears informational and bibliographic character



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