Influence of surface laser texturing on surface wettability

  • 1 Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2 Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Materials Research, Košice, Slovakia


The paper presents the results of research aimed at determining surface wettability. The research was focused on microtexturing by low-energy laser irradiation of the surface of molded parts using innovative engraved surface treatment methods (LBT and EBT) to ensure a smooth distribution of the separation agent on the surface of high-pressure Al castings. The basic material was Uddeholm Dievar, which is used to make molds. PVD coatings were applied to the base material. The effect of laser texturing surfaces on the contact angle size was determined. Contact angle was evaluated on the base material, on PVD coatings without surface treatment and with the use of two types of separating agents.



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