Application of hardfacing layers for renovation of functional surfaces exposed to abrasive wear

  • 1 Technical University of Košice, Slovakia


The paper presents results of quality evaluation of hardfacing layers applied to functional parts of dredger teeth. Layers were made by arc welding methods MMAW and FCAW. High-alloy types of filler materials were used in the experiment. Their chemical composition allows the production of overlay layers with a high content of carbide particles. These particles ensure high resistance to abrasive wear of the layers. Excavator teeth were made by casting high-grade manganese steels Grade B-3 A 128 / A128M-93. In the experiments, the presence of surface defects of the weld deposit was assessed by visual inspection. The resistance of the hard-facing layers to the effects of abrasive wear was assessed using a Di-1 experimental apparatus and evaluated on the basis of weight loss.



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